How Is This Possible?

Have you ever wondered why you cannot be paid to care for your own family? Or perhaps you’ve wondered why your Son or Daughter can’t receive your direct payment and care for you?

It all falls down to having the correct skills as well as having the current legislation on your side.

What if we told you that we can give you those skills? We are able to train individuals up to the standard required by The Care Quality Commission (CQC). With the added bonus of it being completely free of charge*.

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What About The Legislation?

The Care and Support (Direct Payments) Regulations 2014 sets out the rules.

The important parts are Provision 3 & Provision 4, these lay out exactly who can and can’t care for an adult. We encourage you to read through the Provisions to gain a better perspective; but to make life easier we’ve detailed the scenarios in which you cannot care for a family member.

In relation to the person receiving the care, if you are their:

  • spouse or civil partner

You will not be able to provide paid care. Under extreme circumstances your local authority may make an exception.

In relation to the person receiving care, if you live in the same household and are their:

  • parent or parent-in-law,
  • son or daughter,
  • son-in-law or daughter-in-law,
  • stepson or stepdaughter
  • brother or sister,
  • aunt or uncle,
  • grandparent, or
  • anyone acting as if they’re a spouse or civil partner (boyfriend/girlfriend)

You will not be able to provide paid care. Under extreme circumstances your local authority may make an exception.

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So Who Can Care For Adults?

Any person who is competently trained and doesn’t fall into the exclusions listed above. As an example, here are some scenarios that would be permissible:

  • a son or daughter that doesn’t live in the same household,
  • a friend that does live in the same household, or
  • a parent that doesn’t live in the same household

Please bare in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive. If they aren’t mentioned in the exclusions above and they are adequately trained, then it should be OK to receive care from this individual and to pay them with a direct payment.
Also, please note that as per Provision 4 the local authority may not allow needs to be met by a particular person. In other words, if the local authority decides that it doesn’t want an individual caring for a particular person they have the right to refuse on that sole basis with no reason required. However, Provision 4 is dubious at best owing to the swathes of service users that employ just one Personal Assistant with a direct payment to meet their needs.

Get Started

Please read on to find out how we can assist you along this process.

How Can I Do This?

It’s far simpler than you can possibly imagine. First things first, you must have a direct payment available to you or the person you wish to care for. Once a direct payment is available to yourself or the family member requiring care, you can choose to proceed down three different pathways.


For this route you would be giving care on a self-employed basis. This means that all responsibilities will rest on you and you’ll be providing care on a contracted basis.

  • Responsible for your own tax and NI
  • Responsible for own Pension
  • Responsible for any sickness
  • Responsible for own holiday
  • Responsible for own training costs

Employed by Client

This route involves the person you care for directly employing you to care for them. With this option all employment responsibilities rest on your family member/friend.

  • Employer responsible for tax and NI
  • Employer responsible for Pension
  • Employer responsible for paid holiday
  • Employer responsible for training costs
  • Employer responsible for their own care

Employed by ACS

By far the easiest pathway. We will employ you, train you up to a high standard and then take on your family member as a client. ACS will then pay you to care for them!

  • ACS responsible for tax and NI
  • ACS responsible for Pension
  • ACS responsible for paid holiday
  • FREE training
  • ACS responsible for the clients care

We have a solution to fit every family. Enquire below to get started!

Get Started

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Please note, the aforementioned criteria must apply to you or your loved one to begin this process. You must also be in receipt of a direct payment, or able to request one.

    We aim to respond to all enquiries within 1 business day.
    *Free training only applies to those employed by ACS.

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