What Is Palliative Care?

Generally speaking, it is a multidisciplinary and specialized approach for people with life threatening and terminal illnesses. The objective is to manage the symptoms of a serious illness, such as pain and stress; both emotionally and physically. Interchangeably the terms “Palliative Care” and “End of Life Care.

Terminal Illnesses, such as Cancer can become increasingly difficult to manage over time and will undoubtedly be better managed with the provision of specialist services. With palliative care, not only can a better outlook and quality of life be achieved, but it also serves to benefit relatives through ongoing support.

Usually palliative care is provided within a Hospice or Residential Nursing Home environment (such as Willen Hospice). We always recommend Hospice services first because the technology they have available, along with their standard of care is second to none. However, if you’d rather stay at home then we can provide a solution. Over recent years palliative care at home has risen greatly in popularity. Rest assured that you will be in safe hands with us, we are able to easily work in conjunction with services like Hospice at Home, District Nurses and GPs.

Our Approach

We are specially trained and work hand in hand with other healthcare professionals such as District Nurses, and GPs. This allows us to deliver a smooth and professional service to all of our clients. Our End of Life Care team are dedicated to you or a loved one both emotionally and physically.

We ensure a small team of care staff provide compassionate end of life support that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients and their families; providing assistance with personal care and practical tasks, focusing on:

  • Maintaining dignity
  • Supporting clients to be comfortable at all times
  • Assisting with pain management
  • Emotional, Spiritual and Religious support
  • Delivery of sensitive person-centred care that supports the wishes and aspirations of our clients and their loved ones

End of Life Care is carried out under the full guidance and instruction of your clinical and medical professionals.

If you would like more information about our End of Life Care services and how we can support you or your loved one, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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