What Is A Care Plan?

A care plan means we will help care and support you or your carer; our care plan also sets out how your support needs will be met.

You will be completely involved in the preparation of your care plans, as will anyone you request to be. Both will be given a written copy of your care plan.

What The Care Plan Must Set Out

Your care plan is bespoke to you, and you are given as much involvement in the construction of your plan as you wish.

  • Needs of the individual identified in an assessment
  • Whether or not your needs meet the eligibility criteria
  • For an individual who needs care, how the care and support will be given and relevant to your specific needs and outcomes
  • For the carer, it will be what you want to achieve, how you provide care, education, work or recreation where the support might be needed
  • Budget
  • Advice and information on how to reduce the needs of the individual
  • How to delay or prevent the development of requirements in the future
  • Payments of the plan

How Care and Support Should Help

Care and support are put in place to help both individuals and carers at any stage during the care plan. Local authorities can also be involved in your support and care plan should they believe a more cost-effective option is available.

We will ensure your plan includes if possible:

  • Independent living
  • Participation in employment and family life
  • Control over your life
  • Best possible quality of life
  • Dignity and Respect

Looking For Care?

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Reviewing Your Care Plan

Initially your care plan will be reviewed after three months by social services and thereafter annually. ACS will also review your care plan annually for added reassurance. We try to plan the review so that you receive a review from either ACS or Social Services roughly every six months.

The review will establish whether your care plan is being met. It will also determine whether your needs have changed in anyway, i.e. you need extra care and support in certain areas of your care plan.

Once the review is completed, if it is clear circumstances have changed, your local authorities will conduct a revision of the plan. Within this revision of the plan, you may also have needs assessed as well as a financial assessment.

If it has been decided you no longer qualify for local authority support, you will receive a written form with reasons as to why and where you can find other help available. It will also include information on funding your own care.

Complaining About Your Care Plan

If you’re not happy with a care plan, the services provided or the way an assessment was carried out, you’ll need to use the local authority’s complaints process.

If you are a self-funded ACS client, you can always get in touch with us here. We take all complaints seriously and we strive to give our clients the best outcome.

It can sometimes help to get support when you’re making a complaint, such as from an advocacy organisation.